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ruinedromantic [userpic]

(no subject)

February 19th, 2009 (12:20 pm)

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ruinedromantic [userpic]

Obama you slay me

October 30th, 2008 (09:57 am)

So I knew Obama was coming to FL again. I was so sad that I work during the day, cuz thats when they always hold the rallys.

Well yesterday i got a text from Obama (HOLLA) telling me the Kissimmee rally started at 11pm. I was like OMG i need to go!

So I texted everyone I know. Too bad most of my friends were busy/not up for the drive. I sort of thought, well if no one goes then i just wont go. Well at 4:30, after thinking all day I was like fuck it, If he becomes prez I'll probably NEVER have the opportunity to see him in person again. Its historic (ntm Bill Clinton, jesus) So I decided Id go on my own. I had emailed Daryl earlier in the day, but hadnt heard back from him.

So on my way through yucky tampa traffic, D called me and said HELLL YEAH I WANT TO GO. So i got home, changed and we left. We arrived in Otown around 7:30, the line for the event was miles long. We parked and got in line. We were in line for about an hour and a half, it wrapped around and around. People were selling pins, t shirts, even underwear streetside. Finally we got to the Department of Homeland Security check point. They were serious. We had to go through a metal detector, and show them our electronic devices worked and did what they were meant to do. We got inside and went right up and stood in the massive crowd of people. We were probably....50-75-100 feet from the stage. Idk really. They were playing the rays game on a jumbo tron. I noticed in the sky there were 4 helicopters circling the event. 3 more in the distance with search lights. There were secret service EVERYWHERE. The media bleachers were 10 feet and to the right, in front of us.

A man came out and said a prayer. While he prayed I did not bow my head, I happened to notice that 60% of the people around me werent bowing their heads either. Honestly its the little things for me some times. :-)

Then a hispanic man got up there and recited the pledge. I do not agree with the pledge, so I didnt say that either.

A girl sang the national  anthem. She was AMAZING.

Then congresswoman Brown came out. Her speech was a little cooky, but good, she really got people chanting stuff (which freaks me out tbh, cults or nazis or something)

Then Jimmy  Smitts came out and gave a GREAT speech. Fake Presidents ftw.

There was a break after this, and we all saw Obamas bus arrive.

A little while later, Senator Bill Nelson came out and spoke, and then introduced Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Clintons speech was good. He looks...older, but still a presidential hottie IMO. He gave a GREAT speech.

Finally, as Obama was sitting there, Bill introduced him. The crowds went NUTS, people pushed forward, clammering to see him. And he started to speak.

His speech was so good. He's even funny. My fav part was when he said "They wanna call me a Socialist. Turns out they found out that when i was in kindergarten, I SHARED my toys. They found out in 4th grade, i shared my peanut butter sandwich with my friend" It was so funny and amazing.

As he spoke I took a moment to look around. Next to me, was a gay male couple, squeezing each others hands with tears in their eyes. In front of me a tiny very old black woman, in tears. Behind me some young people, shouting 'YES' to the things he was saying. All around me people nodding. Telling their friends 'he gets it'. Fists pumping, peace signs in the air. And as I took all this in, and as Obama starting talking about what the american dream was, and how the repubs had robbed us of it, as he talked about Republicans trying to divide us as a country when we should be united, I couldnt help but cry. The whole event was so moving. People all around me, there for the same reason, there to support some "unknown" senator from Illinois. A "terrorist". A "socialist".

I saw this morning that 35,000 people were estimated to have been there. thirty-five thousand. And each person i talked to was so nice. We all joked about Joe the Plummer. We talked about our hardships. We all had so much in common. Religion, income, race, none of it mattered. Everyone was treated like a friend.

After he spoke we rushed up to the front, only to catch a glimpse of him getting into a car. But i saw his face, from about 10 feet away. Jimmy Smitts was next, he did lots of interviews. And then Bill Clinton was getting into his car, he waved, smiled and winked to the crowd. I was 10 feet away from him.

Daryl and I walked around, for awhile, seeing parking was a nightmare. And just enjoyed the ambiance. Talked about how even if he wasnt elected, we would remember this night, and his historic run for the presidency.

But if he did win, this would especially be a sweet memory. And a hundred years from now, our great grandkids can tell their history teacher that their great grandma was there. She saw it happen. She saw him in person. She voted for him. How awesome is that?

This election is a very personal thing to many people, and through the journey this race has been, I couldnt think of a better way to cap it off. I'm so hopeful for the world after seeing him. Im so hopeful this will happen.

So make sure you get out and vote early if you havent already, and encourage everyone you know. And if you have time, go to barackobama.com, and sign up to do some calls or go door to door. Despite driving 4 hours a day, going to school and work, Ive made 50 calls for obama (and 50 on mcCains behalf for obama lol) and ive knocked on 25 doors. It takes so little time and its so worth it and can mean the difference.

Yes We Can!

ruinedromantic [userpic]

(no subject)

May 8th, 2006 (08:21 pm)

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